300+ USA TOYS and PET TOYS suppliers for Amazon FBA

300+ USA Toys/Pet Toys Suppliers for your Amazon FBA business

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What Do You Get With This Package?

300+ Toys and Pet Toys suppliers with at least:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Type of company (category)
  • Address, city, state, and zip code
  • Website URL

For MANY companies (but not all) you also get: 

  • Number of employees (which tells you who the big boys are)
  • Facebook page
  • LinkedIn Bio
  • Twitter Handle
  • Year founded
  • Company description

hubspot crm included

These are all additional factors you can use to make the right decisions on who to contact first.

With us, you are not just getting an Excel spreadsheet with a company name and their website, we REALLY did the work for you. You get all the above and all the instructions to import this list into a Hubspot account (did we mention this is FREE?).

So, in essence, what we provide for you is a fully operational CRM (Client Relationship Management system). Yes, we overdeliver. There is NO better offer for sourcing, PERIOD!

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What Companies Are On The List?

  • Wholesalers/distributors for toys and pet toys with a website where you sign up for an account
  • Some toys and pet toys manufacturers who will do business with you directly
  • Big distributors of toys and pet toys that sell big name brands to Amazon sellers

What Do You NOT Get With This List?

We do not provide any inventory lists (SKU lists) from these companies. These lists change every minute of the day and you will have to get those directly from the supplier. The minute we would send you these, they will be outdated.

What Are The requirements
Needed To Get Started?

You need a reseller permit for your state or, if you are outside the USA, a reseller permit from the state where your prep center is located. If you are in one of the 5 states that do not have reseller permits, you need a business license from such a state (Oregon, New Hampshire, Delaware, Montana, and Alaska). 

How Soon Do You Deliver After Payment?

After we received your payment we will prepare a list for you and will deliver it to your email address (using WeTransfer.com). You will receive multiple files in a zip within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did You Create This List?

We used techniques explained elsewhere on our website and had 2 virtual assistants work on expanding that list of wholesalers all the time. We have 10,000+ companies in our database and we create a unique list out of those 10,000+ so every single Amazon seller gets a list he can work with to find the best suppliers for his wholesale business!

Do All Companies Allow Selling On Amazon?

No, because that depends on many factors. For instance, who you are and how big your company is. Or what you want to sell. Some distributors allow you to sell some products on Amazon. But they will not allow you to sell particular brands. Others will allow you to sell anything on Amazon but will have some pricing policies for you. In other words, most do, some don’t. It also depends on how good you are in your first contact with these companies. But you WILL find enough companies willing to work with you and supply wholesale goods to you.

Is This List Unique?
To How Many People Will You Send This List?

Every single list we give out is a unique list of companies that we only give out that many times so not everybody gets the same list. So you will always have a list to work with and you will not have to be worried about saturation. Of course, some people will get companies on this list that are also on other lists, but you will get a list with 300+ companies (we usually give some extra) that only a very few people have, so this would never give you a problem.

Why Is This List Relatively Cheap?

We have build this list with our own personnel and made deals with these suppliers ourselves. This database was merely a byproduct for us and we offer it for a very good price just to make back our investment in gathering all the data. This is just good business for both of us, a real win-win.

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Do These Suppliers Allow Reselling Products?

These companies will sell products to you but you need to have a resale certificate to purchase from them. Your need a resale certificate (aka reseller permit) from your home state in the USA. Or from a state where you use a 3rd party warehouse (if you sell from outside the USA on Amazon.com). You can also use a permit issued by the US State of the prep center you use. Without a resale certificate, suppliers won’t deliver to you.

Do These Suppliers Ship Directly To Amazon?

Some of them, yes, but if you are just starting your Amazon business, we advise you to use a warehouse to prep your products or do that at home so you can check all are in good shape. And our advice is to check the first order from any distributor or supplier before you decide you want them to ship to Amazon directly. We speak from experience that sending shipments from new suppliers straight to an Amazon fulfillment center can create a lot of trouble. If they are not delivering the goods how Amazon wants it delivered, these goods will be refused. And that just costs you extra money. So don’t do it.

How Much Money Can I Make With This List?

That all depends on you. We know at least one seller who works with this list that makes over 5 million dollars a year. Another send us proof of doubling his revenue from 900K to 1.8 Million USD. But clearly, DISCLAIMER, that is not typical and rather exceptional. It all depends on your organization skills, on your efforts in contacting them and closing them to get you an account with them. And per the law, we can not promise you that you will make a single dollar from this list.

Important Message

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Because of the nature of this product, there are no refunds once the list is sent but feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns before ordering. Also, below you will find a download link with 180 reviews we received when the Jungle Scout Market was still active. We were in the Top 5 bestsellers for 2 years in a row and our clients appreciated our products many times over with 5 stars. So we can’t stress it enough: Once the payment is made, there is no refund possible. 

Attention Please

Can I Resell This List?

No, you can NOT resell this list, that would not be ethical as you haven’t done the work to get all the data of these companies. And that was a LOT of work. You save yourself from doing this work by purchasing and that is why this is such a great deal. If you run a course and want to use this list, please reach out to make a deal. You are not allowed to offer this list to your students by just buying one copy.

How Do I Add This List To Hubspot?

You can watch the video below to see how that process works. It also gives you an idea of how the list looks when you receive it.

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What Others Think Of Us!

I am so happy with the list. I took your advice. I purchased a website, created it with the help of my new and awesome V.A. We also created social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. I THEN started searching suppliers from the list. I went through the list and it became something I really enjoyed. It was really eye opening to all the suppliers available. I have been successful in securing at least 40 new suppliers from the list. I loved searching for them, communicating, inquiring, researching promising items etc. Thank you so much for this, it has really improved our business.

Giulia P.

Shop Owner

Great and legit! Top-notch wholesale sourcing data that I can trust!



Solid customer service and willing to go above and beyond the arrangement. We will be doing a lot of business together. A+

Jerome B.


Download All Our 180+ Reviews!

We have been selling on the Jungle Scout Market. Jungle Scout decided to close the marketplace but we can still show you the PDF with all our reviews we received from the many very happy clients. If you are still on the fence, just download our reviews from that marketplace and read what all these people think of our services delivered. That will give you a good idea of our quality!


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A to Z of FBA Suppliers

66 Page Ebook “A To Z Of FBA Suppliers”

When you purchase this list today, you will receive our 66-page Ebook with valuable data any Amazon seller can use when he begins his Amazon adventure. It has practical tips and lists all prep videos of Amazon, so you know exactly what to do with the products that you are going to send to the Amazon warehouse. And much more that will help you with your business.

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