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Why your Amazon listing needs a video + 5 video types that actually drive sales

Here’s the hard truth: someone’s already selling the same product as you are. And for you to outsell your competitor on Amazon, you just need to beat the way they sell it. So, how can you do that? We asked Share it Studio to write a guest post on our FBA.CAFE blog and explain why your Amazon listing needs a video and describe the 4 video types that actually drive sales. Enjoy!

First, you need to understand 2 major trends that define today’s consumers’ journey:

1. People have become research-obsessed, even about the small stuff. Especially deal seekers – 63% of these shoppers say they research before they buy to ensure they’re making the best choice possible. Source: Think With Google


2. And yet people are making decisions faster than ever before, which brings us to the second trend – impatience. “Increasingly, consumers expect brands to intuitively know what they need, when they need it, and deliver it instantly” – says Dennis Maloney, SVP & Chief Digital Officer at Domino’s Pizza. Source: Think With Google

So, it is no longer enough just to grab the attention of your potential customer – you need to convince him to choose your product over the others he’s already researched about, and do it fast.

And there’s nothing better than video to do that. Here’s why:

1. Video inspires action. Data shows that consumers are 85% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video.


2. Video can tell a story. And stories make us emotional. “Decision-making is not a rational process, but one driven mainly by how people feel – says Justin De Graaf, Head of Ads Research and Insights at Google. Video is a great tool to evoke a certain feeling or emotion especially if your product is for pets and babies – those are too cute not to fall in love with! Source: Think With Google.

3. Video answers questions in a straightforward and visual way. Consumers are as curious as ever, they want answers and they want them now! With carefully crafted narration you can cover all the topics your buyer may be wondering about within a minute or two, instead of hoping they would submit their answer and wait for your response which can come long after they’ve made a purchase from someone else.


4. Videos help you nail the first impression. Whether you like it or not, we judge things by how they look. And because this is not a physical store where you have a chance to win someone’s heart (and wallet) by how stunning your product actually looks, but a virtual one, the way the visual content in your Amazon listing looks – that’s what people are gonna judge your product by.

How do you make sure the first impression is good? By putting out there a powerful, creative and striking content that highlights the quality product and speaks for your brand.

5. Videos support brand’s values. Think of the video as your brand’s spokesperson. What would you like it to tell your audience? With which tone and expression? Should it be serious, elegant, fun, supportive?

Video itself is able to convert. Why? Because people would believe that you understand your product well enough to come up with a remarkable video content that satisfies the purpose. It would make them believe what you’re selling is not just a random choice but something you put a thought into, and that generates trust.

6. Videos boost SEO. The more clicks your page / listing gets, the more it will appear in the search results, and the closer it will be to be the first choice of each customer. Moreover, time spent on your page influences the likelihood of the search engine to consider your page valuable as well. Meaning the video should be not just eye-catching, but also provide value (think how-to and product videos) so that people spend more time exploring the product.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s the case study of your fellow Amazon seller Kyle Goguen, owner of PawstruckIn a recent interview on the podcast “Follow The Data” he said that since he got into Amazon’s Beta Program, he could observe growth in his Amazon Retail by adding videos to his listings. His growth statistics included: 53% more revenue, 34% conversion rates from other Amazon Listings, 32% transactions and 15% higher order values! Amazing, right? Source: Viral Launch Blog

How did he do it?

Videos have the ability to tell your potential buyers much more about your Amazon Product than static content such as photos and infographics – an image can only do so much. By seeing the product being used by a real person in different scenarios, viewers engagement generates trust and that’s where your statistics start to go up!

However, it’s not just about trust, but also about making an informed decision. Your product’s description might explain very well how it actually works, but many people don’t like or are too lazy to read, and that’s where a video for your listing comes in handy once again! You can tell your viewers how your product should be functioning, and how it can help them in just a few seconds.

Yes, video production requires an investment, but knowing you could return it within a couple of months, wouldn’t you consider it twice?

5 Best Types of Videos to Drive Sales to Your Amazon Brand

1. Lifestyle commercial

This is the best option to really showcase the quality of your product, gain potential client’s trust as well as inspire them for a purchase: showing the product in use in a real-life scenario works like magic. By watching other people enjoying the product’s perks you can instantly imagine yourself doing the same and are more inclined towards giving it a try!

In our experience, this type of video should be a top priority for those who sell products that require high levels of trust in clients such as products for babies, toddlers and pets, sportswear, kitchenware, home decor etc.

Jose Zuniga, a creator of the Teaching Men’s Fashion Channel, says: “It’s easier to communicate the value of a product through video. And seeing a product’s value helps people envision themselves using it, which makes them more likely to buy.”


2. Product video

On the other hand, if you’re just looking to demonstrate your product’s best features, answer possible questions your customers might have, as well as explain things that still images can’t, this type of video is the best option for you.

Product videos, exactly as they’re called, focus on your product and its benefits, features, and usage. Their main goal is to make sure it is clear for a potential buyer what it is that he’s getting and why is it better than the competition. Source: Switch Video 

3. Instructional video

How-to videos are made to show viewers how to use your products which makes it a great option for products that require installation or some sort of a setup such as homeware, tools, gadgets or any kind of product consisting of several elements that have to be put together.

55% of people say they search for a product on Google and then learn more by going to YouTube before they buy it. Why? Because they want to see other people using it! Source: Think With Google 

4. Stop motion animation

This is a technique that makes your product come to life in a fun and engaging way. Stop motion animation is a video created with still images. Post-production magic makes it look as if the objects are moving. It is a great option if your goal is to capture viewers’ attention as it is highly entertaining to watch. It works well for the products consisting of several elements or those that come as a set of pieces. 

5. Testimonial commercial

Last but not least, imagine your most satisfied customer recording a video review for your product, speaking about all its benefits on camera! Wouldn’t it be amazing if it was shot in excellent quality and you could also have full copyright to use it for advertising?

This is exactly what you get with a testimonial commercial: an actor or a model representing your target audience talks about your product and all the ways it changed his life in the interview format, and also interacts with it in a lifestyle setting. There’s nothing better out there to help you take your reputation marketing to the next level, generate trust and convert potential buyers faster.

Now that you know that video might be the key element your listing is missing in order to start boosting sales, time to look through what your competitors have come up with in this field, and if you find they’re missing on this engagement tool or their content lacks quality – even more reasons for you to jump into this grand opportunity for your brand.

And here’s more of a good news: at Share it studio, we happen to be obsessed with upgrading visuals for just about everything – from dog poop bag holder to furniture items, from kid’s toys to beauty tools.

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