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Our Story and Mission

FBA.CAFE is run by the owners of Jalavo Inc., a company based in Delaware, USA, and with a European office in Denmark. We originally started with the FBA Wholesale game, selling in the USA from Europe. Right now we run several Amazon businesses, both FBA Wholesale and FBA Private Label, and work together with partners in the USA, UK, The Philippines, Hungary, and Austria.

At the time of our first Amazon endeavors, the people training us had no clue what kinds of problems you run into as a non-US seller on Amazon.com. Later on, we studied mayor courses online, some of the best ones. But we soon realized there were still things missing in all these courses and training. Simply put, you could only learn to sell on Amazon by going through the motion yourself and experience all the peculiarities of being an Amazon seller.

Therefore we are here to help anybody, whether US citizen or not, to become a successful Amazon FBA Wholesale seller. Because we know what we are talking about. In fact, we will describe a lot of the peculiarities we experienced ourselves on our blog and in our knowledgebase.

The FBA Wholesale game is a great game to play, for the simple reason that it is the most uncomplicated way (if you know how to do it) to sell on Amazon. You do not create your own brand, you don’t need Chinese suppliers, etc. You just need to find a bunch of USA-based suppliers and buy wholesale and let your inventory grow.

We believe you shouldn’t start with Private Label (i.e. creating your own brand). It is our opinion that the Private Label game is a game you want to play when you are more experienced as an Amazon seller. Thus, FBA Wholesale to start with.

After that, we also started focusing on the Private Label game, for the simple reason that when done correctly, it can be very profitable. Besides that, we know most of the ins and outs regarding selling in the USA as non-US citizens. We have run into all the problems you can run into when you do not live in the USA yourself. And believe us, there are many obstacles to overcome that a US seller doesn’t even have the slightest clue about.

It is our mission to guide you on the path to success. Many times we will refer you to our mentors or materials that you can find elsewhere online that we think could help you. We do not try to reinvent the wheel. In many cases, however, we will want to refer you to our knowledgebase with training materials, podcasts, videos, and blog posts that will help you along the way. We want you to get the feeling that you can do this yourself with a little help from your FBA.CAFE friends!

If there is anything you’d like to tell us, or you’d just like to contact us, use the contact page and we will reply within 24 hours.

Do well and make your dreams in life come true!

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