The Coronavirus Is Changing The Amazon FBA Landscape (Podcast)

If you only source in the USA you might run into suppliers who have gone bankrupt, depending on what they are supplying. But the main problem seems to be sourcing from China. The factories are still not fully running to capacity. The main problem we see though is the economical “sanctions” that will follow after the Corona dust has settled.

Is Amazon Still Prioritizing Products Coming Into Their Fulfillment Centers?

Amazon has sent out a statement about the current situation with the Coronavirus and its impact on the behavior of buyers in the USA. Besides the fact that this is an international crisis of incredible proportions, it also has its implications for the mom and pop sellers and other suppliers that are not selling goods that are immediately needed to get the situation somewhat under control.


What if there was a company that has written over 3,500 product listings on Amazon with a knack for optimizing listings, including European marketplaces? Right off the bat, you’d be assured they know what they’re doing. It’s challenging to find a well-versed SEO writing service these days.

Top 5 Common PPC Mistakes Amazon FBA Sellers make

More and more sellers on Amazon use PPC (Pay per Click) to launch their product or sell more of their products online. We asked PPC specialist Ben Ryan to shine some light on the most common mistakes sellers make with PPC.