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Recently we recorded a video for our new YouTube channel and I thought it would be appropriate to add it here as well, as it is all about a free and paid way of how to find the right Amazon FBA distributors without losing time trying to find the right supplier. Now, the free way that is mentioned in the video is time-consuming but the paid way to find suppliers is a way where all the research is done for you.

In other words, you will get suppliers for Amazon FBA with all their contact data, and a lot more. So without further ado, watch the video and learn about the ways to find suppliers. The links that are mentioned in the video are right below the video and the script of the video is below the video in this blog post. If you want to download the text of the video, there is also a link to download the PDF with the text. Enjoy!

Today I want to show you how to find wholesale distributors for your amazon FBA business and knowing what to search for. So there is… If you start your Amazon FBA business or if you have a business already, you will have to find suppliers. It’s that simple. So where do you find these wholesale distributors? That’s what this video is all about.

I’m gonna show you two ways: the free way, meaning, you have to do all the work yourself in finding these wholesale distributors, or you can also pay a small amount of money and have this work all done for you. So let’s dive into the first way.

So this is one of our blogs which is FBA.CAFE. FBA dot CAFE. And here we have a blog post that is “How to find Wholesale Distributors for your Amazon FBA Business” and it describes in detail how you find these suppliers and wholesalers.

There are a lot of ways to find these people but the first thing you need to know, is, okay, what are you really looking for and what not. Very important. And I actually described what you are not looking for when you start out your Amazon FBA business. And that is simply: You are not looking for anything that has a certain size or has a variation of colors.

What to Sell on Amazon?

So, for instance, you don’t want to sell apparel, you don’t want to sell shoes, you don’t want to sell anything that can be bought in yellow, red, orange, blue, and whatever colors they are selling it in. The reason for that is that a lot of people buy three or four and then sent two or three back. And I give actually an example of a company that spends hundreds of millions of dollars in handling their own returns. So, you’re a small company. You’re a small Amazon seller. You don’t want to get into all these returns because people bought three of you with different sizes, yeah.

Okay. So, the six ways to find wholesale suppliers here, wholesale distributors, are the free versions of this. So, here you see how to find wholesale distributors that actually make you some moolah. And this is the free way of doing it.

You can do a Google search. We’re gonna go a bit deeper into that in a second. YouTube. Working back from the Amazon product (so you found the products online from Amazon and you now want to know who is supplying that), Trade shows, Branche Directories Industry Federations, Associations, etc. (we’re not going that deep into that certain category) and then there’s a secret way. And if you want to see the secret way, then you can register for free on our website and find out how you find wholesale distributors in a very unique way, which nobody is teaching you.

I have never ever, ever seen this way online anywhere. Not from the big gurus, not from the… Etc. We have done all the work ourselves. To begin with, I had several VA’s – that is Virtual Assistants – working for me, with me, and we tried to find new ways to find suppliers. And I’m gonna give you this secret way that we basically found out about online in our search for wholesale distributors and suppliers and we give away for free if you sign up for our blog.

So, the Google search is not just a normal search. What do you do in a Google search? Well, basically you’re looking for specific terminology on a web page. So, you can read this. Basically, what I go over here, is that what you’re looking for is SKU lists from suppliers, meaning, product lists that they can send you, so you can go through them and see what is profitable to sell on Amazon. Usually, there is a CSV file that they have, that you can download or they mention that they have that in CSV format. Just read this through. The link will be below the video probably.

And then there’s some things that you can also use like minus-symbols and asterisks symbols in your Google search, which makes it much more easy for you to find wholesalers. Then there is the YouTube search, which is basically a similar search to the Google search. Then I describe how you find a supplier by doing the research on Amazon. That’s a very intense way of finding suppliers, by the way. Very time-consuming but you can do it, and I describe it for you how you do it.

Trade shows. It’s very interesting, you know, like, there’s a lot of companies usually on big trade shows, and they all have their websites, these trade shows, where you can find the exhibitors, actually. I can tell you, it’s a very, very time-consuming way but you can find them, yeah. So here’s the picture of one of these trade shows, which, you know, basically, they show you the database that they have. And then you can find these suppliers by finding them one by one, basically. 

Finding Suppliers is Time-consuming

You have to really think in days and weeks and months for finding quite an amount of suppliers. I mean, we have over 10,000 in our database and that took us over half a year to really, you know, find them and vet them and see that, you know, their data is correct, etc., and contacting them was the next step, of course. But just to find them took us over half a year, yeah. Just so you have some estimation of what it takes to find these guys.

Then Branche Directories, etc. We don’t really go into it, and our secret way, etc. And then there is our secret way of finding wholesale suppliers on the internet and you can see that here. And then there is the paid way to find suppliers, and I want to show you that also. And we go to the Jungle Scout Market for that.
This is the Jungle Scout Market. This is basically a marketplace for Amazon freelancers, meaning, freelancers that service Amazon sellers. I just look a bit through here. You can see here, for instance, active PPC management (30 days one SKU). Managing and optimizing Amazon PPC, Amazon PPC advertising, Amazon listing optimizing, 3D renderings for Amazon, Product Background Removal. I mean, there’s all kinds of stuff that you can do here, and you pay for it and then people basically do what you pay them for.
Here you have full-service account suspension appeals assistance, which is a crazy package, by the way, 2,000 dollars. Then there is all kinds of content stuff, you know, like, you can have content enhanced, you can do things for branding.

But there’s a lot of… There’s a lot of stuff that you will recognize, you know. Video production. Product photography is a big one here, and when you scroll here down, then you can see, okay, there’s all these drop– little drop-down menus. So, photography is, basically, there’s lifestyle photography, product photography. Writing and translation. There’s proofreading and editing of your Amazon listing, translating your listing. Graphic and design, there’s all kinds of stuff here, yeah? Digital marketing, video animation, legal. 

Jungle Scout Offers to Find Suppliers

And there is the Amazon business category, and that’s what I’m gonna look at because we have here Product Sourcing. And the product sourcing… You can find, basically, suppliers here. And it’s not a very big category as you can see. Well, there’s still quite some. But basically what you can do, is you just select the best sellers. You see here 51 results and the best seller in the product category is 750 wholesale distributors for Amazon FBA.

And here it is: FBA.CAFE. That’s what we are selling. That’s a package that we are selling. And to be very blunt, if we select all categories and we select best selling, we are actually the #1 best seller on the Jungle Scout Market, yeah. And why we are the #1 is basically best described by our reviews.

So, let’s look at the reviews. So, this is from 13 hours ago, two days ago, four days ago, and then if you go “show all reviews,” four days ago, four days ago. So, basically, you see, this is a very regularly selling product. Not everybody leaves a review but the ones that do, here you go: Wow! FBA.CAFE is amazing. Delivered a few hours after ordering. Overdelivered absolutely blah blah blah. God bless you. Oh, thank you very much. Or: Very quick and efficient. His product holds a lot of value. If you’re looking for wholesale distributors, he is your guy!

So, here are five packages that we are selling, and this one – and let’s go there – is the bestseller on this marketplace. $97 for 750 USA Wholesale Distributors. In other words, American based, for your FBA business on Amazon.

Now, this is – basically when you look at it – it’s a great offer and I urge you to really go through the customer reviews. Read them all if you want, and you’ll see why this is a great value, basically, to you. If you get one single supplier out of this 750 – and I tell you, you will get much more – and get an account and start selling products, this $97 is an absolute joke. It’s a joke because you will make much more money. So, the return on investment on this offer is insane. It really is, yeah.

Now, if you scroll all the way down, and you read through the whole thing – and do read through the whole thing – you see also that here is the 2500 USA Wholesale Distributors, suppliers blah blah blah. 297, and again, if you get only one of these – and these are different than the 750, so you could actually buy both lists also if you want to, then you’ll get your money back. Like, it’s that simple, you know. It’s a great offer.

And again read the reviews, and you’ll understand what you’re getting. And of course also read the listing, yeah, because it’s very important that you really, really, really read this very well. For instance, do they ship directly to Amazon, you know? Like, we have something to say on that. How fast we deliver? That’s within 24 hours. There’s all kinds of data here that you can find out about these wholesale suppliers and distributors for Amazon FBA.

That’s what I wanted to show you, so if you don’t want to spend the time, you can buy. If you do want to spend the time yourself, and really dig into it and get the feel for what is out there in terms of suppliers, just do the free thing, you know? Just read our blog post, it’s a great blog post. Sign up for the secret version because you will have something that nobody has: A way to find suppliers that nobody has, which is a really cool way of finding suppliers. And you just put in the time yourself. Yeah, it’s gonna take a few months, you know, like, to find really a list of really great suppliers. But I tell you, you will learn a lot then also.

If you got your feet wet already on Amazon and you just want to have more suppliers, just take the easy way and buy our bestseller or this one that you see in the screen now for 297. We’ll give you great service. Again, read the reviews and you’ll know that what you’re getting is great. And of course, Jungle Scout is a very solid brand. Your payment goes through the Jungle Scout Market, so you won’t be disappointed yeah? Jungle Scout is basically making sure that you get the product that you pay for. So, that’s all I wanted to tell for now. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you will find value in the data provided. So, get going.